“Under all is the Land” is the motto of the National Association of Realtors. All types of real estate, whether it be agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional, has at its core the land.

Our land brokers are members of the National Board of Realtors and the Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors. They are all highly trained in this specialized field. Our professionals are held to the highest ethical standards and can be counted on to provide fair and accurate opinions on market conditions and value analyses. They take a comprehensive approach to working with buyers and sellers of land considering risk tolerance, holding periods, and investment goals. Their expertise in soil conditions, zoning, land-use regulation, utilities, and market valuations will prove invaluable as they assist you through due diligence. They always walk the land, do the research, probe the history, and determine the current status of the land before taking it to market.

Over the last twenty-five years, our brokers have established a solid reputation in our market as knowledgeable professionals. They are known among their peers as honest and reliable and have created a network throughout the region with other professionals in related fields. They are prepared to assist you in buying or selling land and realizing your goals.