Our brokers are uniquely qualified to assist clients on the purchase and sale of developed lots.

Beginning in the Savings and Loan Crisis of the late 1980’s, our brokers have represented hundreds of banks, investors and developers on lot transactions. Our principals have developed thousands of residential lots themselves and understand every nuance of residential land development, whether it be for residential single family, townhomes or condominiums.

They are prepared to assist you in achieving the maximum return on your investment. Working with other specialized professionals, they are qualified to perform detailed investigations on zoning requirements, covenants and restrictions, proper development techniques, utility capacities, governmental compliance and issues of clear title before you make your investment. There’s nothing like local knowledge, and they have it. They take a comprehensive view toward the market in which they work and are on top of all recent matters affecting the market. They track competing lot sales and subdivision absorptions to develop trends and forecast projections.

The current real estate crisis is creating perhaps the best opportunity in the last 100 years to invest in real estate. However, a highly trained real estate professional is imperative in conducting proper due diligence before a transaction is consummated. Our staff of land brokers is prepared to assist you in achieving your goals.